About Us

Hello I am Lee Porter, I have been working with photo editing for 25 years and after years of working a 9-5 and being a wedding photographer, I realized how much I actually enjoyed editing photos. Switching gears in 2012, I started editing for busy wedding photographers in the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex. But over the years I started getting request from family, friends and other photographers to remove and add objects, people, pets and total photo restoration from old damaged photos. And this is what inspired me to start Double Take Edits.

Wanna know my favorite part of being a private photo editor? Giving more freedom and time to my clients so they can create important memories with their families. Coming from someone who values family a whole lot, I love that I can contribute towards those moments.

Hi, I am Rebecca Hughes, And I have been working in graphic designs for about the last 15 years and totally enjoy it. I love making digital art from pets, people and other types of digital creations. You can rest assured that I will give my greatest detail to attention in creating you the perfect final version of your project.